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GoKardz is your one-stop professional networking solution. We provide a platform for networking that integrates digital business cards (Kardz), job opportunities, and service marketplace, enhancing connections and opportunities within and beyond our ecosystem.


Absolutely! You can join GoKardz for free and start creating your personal Kardz. However, for access to exclusive features, we recommend upgrading to our Pro membership.


Joining GoKardz is simple - just create a free account on our platform.


While GoKardz is free to use, we offer a Pro membership with additional features for a nominal subscription fee.


Sharing your Kardz is as easy as sending a unique link, posting it on social media, or using the QR code or NFC Kardz provided.


Upgrade to GoKardz Pro by navigating to the "Upgrade" section on your account dashboard and following the prompts.


Absolutely. We value your privacy and have robust measures in place to protect your personal information.


Searching for other GoKardz users is easy using the search bar on our platform.


Yes, you can download your data using the download & Save functions on the Kardz page.


Inappropriate content can be reported using the report function on each Kardz.


Yes, GoKardz supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, French, German, and more.


Absolutely. GoKardz offers both Personal Name Kardz for individuals and Business Name Kardz for businesses.


Customizing your Kardz design is easy using different colors, banners, profile frames, and font options available in the edit settings.


Yes, links to your social media profiles can be added to your Kardz.


Yes, tracking visitors to your Kardz is possible using the analytics dashboard on our platform.


GoKardz contributes to environmental conservation by eliminating the need for physical business cards, reducing paper waste.


A Kardz enables you to share your contact information and services conveniently, enhancing your networking and promotional opportunities.


Yes, you can cancel your Pro membership anytime, but please note that we do not offer refunds for the unused portion of your subscription.


GoJobs is our integrated job portal that connects employers with potential employees, creating and promoting job opportunities within and beyond our platform.


Yes, GoJobs offers a unique resume-building feature that auto-populates your details from your Kardz. You can further customize this to suit your preferences.


Employers can create and promote job opportunities both within and outside the platform, and also hire short-term service providers for specific projects using our Service Marketplace feature.


Job seekers can search and apply for job opportunities both within and outside the platform. They can also create a personalized resume using the resume builder available on GoJobs.


Service Marketplace is an integrated platform within GoKardz that allows users to promote their services. These services are also featured in the Service Marketplace for enhanced visibility.


Yes, companies can post their temporary staffing or freelancer needs on our platform and find suitable candidates using the Service Marketplace.


While GoKardz is a facilitator of connections, we do not handle payments for services. It is the responsibility of the involved parties to arrange for payment.


Yes, companies can hire temporary staff or freelancers by posting their requirements on our Service Marketplace.


Freelancers can promote their services, find potential clients, and grow their business both within and outside the GoKardz platform.


Companies can find short-term service providers or temporary staff for specific projects and can post their staffing or freelancer needs, enhancing their operational flexibility.