Social and Professional Links - Crafting Your Comprehensive Digital Profile

In the modern world, professional presence spans across multiple platforms. GoKardz embraces this diversity by allowing you to integrate any number of social and professional links into your Digital Kard. From LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to YouTube, Spotify, and even custom links, your GoKardz Kard becomes a gateway to your comprehensive digital persona.

Mainstream Professional Platforms

LinkedIn and Twitter are essential platforms for professional networking and discourse. By incorporating these links into your GoKardz Kard, you're giving your contacts an in-depth view of your professional trajectory, your interests, your interactions, and your thought leadership.

Social Media Channels

Facebook and Instagram are reflections of both your personal and professional life. Integrating these platforms into your Digital Kard adds depth to your digital identity, showcasing the more personal side of your professional journey.

Content Platforms

Platforms like YouTube and Spotify offer a view into your interests and even your creative and artistic side. By integrating these, you provide a fresh dimension to your professional profile that goes beyond conventional professional interactions.

Custom Links

Every professional is unique and may have affiliations and interests beyond the mainstream platforms. GoKardz supports this individuality by allowing you to add any custom link that you wish to share with your network.


With GoKardz, you can share your Kard on any platform, ensuring your unique Kard is represented as an OG image, making you stand out in the crowd.

GoKardz is not just about storing contact information; it's about painting a comprehensive picture of your professional life. By integrating your professional and social links, you are creating a rich and detailed digital identity that greatly enhances your networking capabilities and widens your professional opportunities. With GoKardz, you are truly connected.