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World's Smartest Digital Business Kard

The perfect solution for you to market your brand efficiently, professionally, and accurately. Business or individual professional, it's a smart digital business Kard that gives you everything you need in one place — from presenting your services to showcasing your contact information and more. Get Smart Now!

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  • For Business, Freelancers, Professionals, Jobseekers, students and virtually anyone.

One Kard, Infinite Opportunities

GoKardz is a digital business Kard platform that helps you stand out. With just one click, you can have a professional looking and effective business Kardz that is ready to impress.

Awesome Looking Smart Digital Business Kardz

Create your Kard choosing from several professional templates that keeps adding up . Create your own background, logo, photo and selection of data you plan to display and privacy settings to suit your choice. It’s very easy.

Have upto 2 Kardz

Share the relevant business or professional Kard – Have both the Kardz at your finger tips in the same dashboard and keep the contacts separate.

Share & Save effortlessly

Use QR Code or link to share your Kard effortlessly. Download the Kard on your phonebook with a click while managing your connections in GoKardz.

Get Smart with GoJobs

As a business user, post jobs free while as a professional user, get alerts for the best suited jobs instantly.

Plan your day and your future

With GoSpace , plan your day effectively with a well - planned space specifically created to make a better you.

Extend your Business with GoStore

Create your store and integrate it with your Whats’app. Show your store on your Kard and offer deals.

Network with GoChat

GoKardz is not a social heavy platform, yet gives an exclusive space for your connects to discuss and chat on topics you plan.

Chill out with GoGames

Want to create a new addiction? Try out games that we handpick to suit wide variety of tastes.

GoKardz Business

Powerful substitute to Business Kardz

  • Create a business account and provide every employee a digital business kard instantly. Keep control on the look and feel of the kard that reflects your business.

  • Create a Kard of your business and share that with anyone just like a business Kard. Never lose business connections when your employee quits.

  • Get the best of add on services by posting jobs, setting a store and creating a chat network involving your connections.


Make your Kard a ladder for career growth

All individual Kard accounts get automatic access to the GoJobs ecosystem. Update your skill profile and express your willingness to explore relevant work and jobs, and GoKardz will do the rest. Get auto alerts for all matching jobs and professional work opportunities from thousands of jobs globally.

Business Kard accounts get unlimited job posting access on GoJobs and also get alerts of how many matching profiles are found for your job post. Attract the best talent with GoKardz.

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Get smart with a planning tool crafted just for you

  • Integrated Appointment system in your Kard that helps you plan your meetings.

  • Create your tasks and plan your day with a powerful task list.

  • Write your journal, goals, vision board and project plans .

  • Take notes and create note space for your connections so you can write down key points when you meet them.

  • Attach documents as you need in your personal space.

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GoKardz planning tool

Be a smart seller with what’sapp integrated store solution

Kardz are exchanged for business and when you have a store right within your Kard, the business grows faster. GoStore provides opportunities for small business owners to reach out to end customers through What’sapp and conduct their sales with ease. Create Deals and offer to other Kard owners.

You already have your online store, it can be still configured on your Kard and keep your sales ticking.

Coming Soon

Create a private chat space where you are in control

Social media can be overwhelming and GoKardz is focused in giving the best Business Kardz to every individual and business user. GoChat is the right mix of being social to a level that you can manage with the people you wish to communicate.

Create Chat topics and invite your connections or every Kard member. Start or end the chat at will and keep the communication limited to a set of people or make the chat public and invite anyone to participate.

Coming Soon
GoChat - Create a private chat space

Everything is not serious with GoKardz

  • Have some spare time, try your skills with the best handpicked online games totally free. We guarantee your spare time will not be boring anymore.

  • New games will be added regularly to give users of every age group and liking to play simple games that do not require the expertise level of any eSports.

Coming Soon
GoGames - Play games in your spare time

Future Upgrades planned

We are constantly upgrading and making our platform as a one stop solution for every professional.


Get a file system like Dropbox right with your GoKardz account. Share files while you exchange Kardz.


Get updated about the best curated news and articles from across the world as per your hobbies and preferences.


Get access to best deals right in your account. Business Kardz can share deals with other GoKard members.

Got Questions? Look Here

When will the platform be launched?

GoKardz Beta will be launched by the end of September 2022.

Will the platform be paid for individual users?

All individual users will get free access to the platform for lifetime. With this free access, they can create and share one personal Kard.

Can we design our own Kard?

GoKardz has several premade templates that a Kard user must pick from. In case any business wants a specific design to be created, it will be done as a paid service. GoKardz does not have functionality to create own Kardz from scratch as we want the system to be very easy to use for all our users.

Business Accounts will be paid or free?

Business account will be a paid account. Details of the charges and conditions will be shared after the Beta launch.

How secure is the platform with my Data?

GoKardz will always work with best security standards and keep the data of our users safe. System also provides opportunity to create own preferences and hide some key information when the Kard is being shared.

Can I make GoKardz my digital identity repository?

Absolutely. GoKardz is meant to be a digital identity of any user with all what they want to share. That includes not only your general visiting Kard details, but your as many social links you wish, links of your key articles, videos, your website, store and almost anything that is available for you digitally. You can choose what should be displayed on your Kard and what not.

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GoKardz For All

One Kard, Infinite Opportunities

With GoKardz, you have a smart digital business Kard always on you. Accelerates your professional success. GoKardz Now!

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